About Elegant Line Road Painters

Elegant Line Road Painters

We have been in the road painting industry for over 36 years and various experienced members have teamed up to give a fresh look to trusted practices, methods and equipment. We are SANRAL Approved Contractors with some of the most effective and varied equipment to cater for almost every type of project, big or small.

Elegant Line Road Painters are level 2 BBBEE compliant and conform to all the necessary requirements of the industry. (C.O.I.D. certificate, Public Liability, CIDB Registration (level5), SAFCEC Member)

What sets us apart:

  • Professional staff that are dedicated to providing quality work.
  • A long track record of completed projects and happy clients across Southern Africa.
  • Reliable, quality solutions for businesses, municipalities, as well as residential complexes.
  • State of the art technology and equipment that guarantees quality whilst meeting deadlines.
  • Honest and transparent relationships.

If you are looking for a reliable, elegant solution to your painting and associated needs, contact us now for a free assessment or quote.

Elegant Line Road Painters is a Level 2 contributor to B-BBEE.

Our philosophy is to solve problems; If it needs painting, we will handle it, whether it is one bay at a shopping centre, a large municipal road, or an airport.

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