Advantages of Cold Thermoplastic Road Marking

The main advantages of cold thermoplastic Road Marking is the flexibility of application:

  1. It can be applied easily in smaller urban or reduced-width roadways, due to the simplicity of pump & application equipment. Hot Thermoplastic requires larger applicator equipment,with attendant pre-heater trucks ( 8 tons upwards ) in close attendance.
  2. Short notice period from go-ahead to application. No Pre-heating required.
  3. Multiple coats, each with glass beads sprayed into the matrix, can build up film- thickness to whatever is required by the client. Quieter roadways can have a lower application to save costs.
  4. It is easy to check film thickness applied. By using a ‘dry film thickness meter’ the exact application on any roadway marking can be electronically checked and verified,using our unique
    ‘Painting-Plate System’ that can give solid quality assurance information.
  5. Lower P & G costs for smaller jobs, as no big/heavy transport is required.
  6. Very quick drying times. Reduces road closure irritation for public.
  7. High strength, longer lasting marking material that reduces intervals of re-coating.
  8. Retains reflectivity over most of the markings lifespan,as glass beads are ‘built in’ with multiple coatings.
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