Cold Thermoplastic Paints for Road Marking

This new technology is now starting to gain traction in the market, with more and more requests being received on a daily basis for application as permanent Road Marking. Coupled with that is the large number of companies trying to push their version of the technology.

BRT Work | Elegant Line Road PaintersThe Suppliers

As a well-established Road Marking Applicator, we have been approached by a number of suppliers to do practical application testing of various versions of these products.

  • Some have proven to be outright failures, in that the product cannot be applied in sufficient film-thickness.
  • Some have been only suitable for hand-application (Those dreadful textured arrows and stop bars you see at any freeway off ramp intersection ).
  • Some look really promising – only to have no UV tolerance and just plain disappear over a few months.
  • Some require incredibly expensive and sophisticated pumps to blend two ( or more! ) components together at the nozzle as it is sprayed.

And then there is one that actually works, is easy to use, builds a good film thickness, does not require specialized equipment AND can be used by our existing labour without intensive re-training.

The ClientsWilliam Nicol Interchange | Elegant Line Road Painting

We have had some of our major customers, such as the larger municipal authorities, already ask for this technology. However, in some of these requests, it is specified to only use certain manufacturers products…

Read between the lines on that one and think of the current way dealing with state entities is happening…

Standards & Regulations

Another Elephant-in-the-room is that there are no formal standards in existence that have been created, tested and documented on a National or Regional level (like SANS or Colto specs).
Therefore, any Engineer or Road Building Contractor will be well advised to investigate what options are out there that actually work before implementation.

From our side, we will be happy to pass-on what we have learned so far. Give us a call, or fill in the contact form, and we will gladly assist you!

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