Plastic Studs with Shanks for Roadmarking

Plastic Road Studs with Shanks for Road Marking

At Elegant Line, we receive many requests for plastic studs with shanks, where the engineer or client wants the trusted reliability of the American Stimsonite stud’s lense and body (also known as the Ennis-Stimsonite), for use on roadways requiring higher-strength materials. The theory of using a stud with a shank for greater shear-resistance (ability to withstand repeated impacts from vehicle tyres) is all good and well, but the problem comes in with the design of the shank where it meets the ‘body’ of the stud.

If one looks at the pictures, you can see that the actual ‘connector-piece’ that joins the shank to the body of the stud is of a far narrower diameter than that of the shank. This is the part of the shank that actually clips into the body of the Roadstud.

Sadly, the amount of improved shear-strength gained by this very small connector- piece is going to be minimal on the roadway. The added expense of having to drill a hole in the roadway, the cost of the clip-in shank etc is going to add little value to the project and it is recommended that this be approached with caution. That being said, this company is well known for the quality of it’s products, so it does seem a little strange that they have gone down this engineering route…

There have been a number of attempts to make plastic roadstuds with shanks for Roadmarking over the years, but the inherent lower-strength of plastic vs metal has mostly resulted in disappointing results. At the end of the day, high strength comes from stronger materials – and metal is usually the winner here, but loses out on cost.

The question is: Do you want cheap or do you want effective?
Every project is different and there are products that can fit either/or … But not both.

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