N17 Ermelo

On the N17 near Ermelo, the Elegant Line Road Painters Team was able to apply 3 lines in one pass due to the equipment used by the company. Additional quality checks are conducted by the staff to make sure all work is done 100%.

N2 Pongola

Road Marking of the N2 near Pongola | Elegant Line Road Painters

Elegant Line Road Painters did all the road marking of the N2 near Pongola. Depending on the road surface in place, as well as the requirements of the client, different types of equipment are used to provide the best possible outcome and road lines that will last. The type of traffic …

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N2 near Jozini

N2 Jozini Road Painting | Elegant Line Road Painters

The Elegant Line Road Painters’ Team worked on the repainting of the N2 near Jozini in 2015. Whilst one of the team members will navigate the truck with the road marking equipment, another team member will make sure this is done straight and of the highest quality.  

N8 outside Bloemfontein

N8 Bloemfontein - Repainting of the roads | Elegant Line Road Painters

Elegant Line Road Painters was tasked to assist with the repainting of the N8 outside Bloemfontein. The team worked on the repainting of the road, whilst making sure traffic could still flow and all staff members were safe at all time.  

William Nicol Interchange

William Nicol Interchange | Elegant Line Road Painting

Elegant Line Road Painters was asked to repaint the William Nicol and N1 interchange in Gauteng. The new generation of cold – thermoplastic materials offer a really good value-proposition to the person/ entity in charge of maintaining a roadway. This technology offers a strong, durable, highly reflective, easy to apply …

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Various Road Painting Projects

Road Painting Team | Elegant Line Road Painters

Elegant Line Road Painters has been involved in a range of different road painting projects in the 30+ years we have been in business. From airport runways, to parking bays at golf estates. And from multi-storey buildings to high traffic intersections.

Sanral N3

Elegant Line Road Painters | Sanral N3

In order to give back to the community we work in, Elegant Line Road Painters make sure that jobs such as directing the traffic and alerting motorists about the roadworks ahead are outsourced to members of the local community. With every project, we do a risk assessment beforehand, to make sure …

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N14 Carletonville

Elegant Line Road Painters | N14 Carletonville

Crucial when painting national roads such as the N14 Carletonville and installing road studs is the safety of our team, as well as making sure that motorists are not hindered by the roadworks. With every project Elegant Line Road Painters are involved in, the environment we operate in is key. Our teams …

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