Laudium – Temporary Road Marking

Elegant Line Road Painters was asked to implement temporary road marking in Laudium earlier this year. In certain situations, such as road works and the expansion of roads, temporary road marking is required whilst the road works are in progress to allow for safe traffic flow. Once the road works are done, the permanent …

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Giyani Bus Stops (Limpopo)

Elegant Line Road Painters was asked to assist assist with the painting of the bus stops and road marking in Giyani, Limpopo. Our team assisted in a professional manner, always keeping the safety of motorists top of mind. Due to the nature of this project, we were able to use our …

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Rustenburg BRT Project

In the City of Rustenburg and the surrounding areas, the Rustenburg Rapid Transport (RRT) system will supply exclusive dedicated lanes for the RRT buses that will not be impeded by the congestion of traffic flow on the main trunk lines. The Elegant Line Road Painting Team assisted with the application …

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Laudium, Tshwane

Elegant Line Road Painters were appointed by Stefanutti Stocks Construction Group to work on the road marking in Laudium, Tshwane. This involved hand pushed machines to apply the yellow and white lines on the road. Our Road Painting Team works with a range of contractors and Construction Companies throughout South Africa.  

Tshwane BRT Project

BRT Work | Elegant Line Road Painters

The Elegant Line Road Painters Team at work in Tshwane applying Cold-Thermoplastic Paint for the bus lanes.

Various Road Painting Projects

Road Painting Team | Elegant Line Road Painters

Elegant Line Road Painters has been involved in a range of different road painting projects in the 30+ years we have been in business. From airport runways, to parking bays at golf estates. And from multi-storey buildings to high traffic intersections.

Samrand Access Roads

Elegant Line Road Painters | Samrand

The Samrand Access Roads were part of the work done by the professional Elegant Line Road Painters Team.

R571 Mananga

Elegant Line Road Painters | Mananga

Road marking of the Sanral Road R571 from Mananga to the Swaziland border.