Laudium – Temporary Road Marking

Elegant Line Road Painters was asked to implement temporary road marking in Laudium earlier this year.

In certain situations, such as road works and the expansion of roads, temporary road marking is required whilst the road works are in progress to allow for safe traffic flow. Once the road works are done, the permanent road marking will be applied on the new roads and the temporary lines will be removed.

Due to the nature of road works, and the fact that the project needs to be completed as quickly as possible, it is vital for the Road Painters team from Elegant Line to work as fast as possible, whilst still doing a great job. In addition, we want to make sure that we do not interrupt the flow of traffic even further and keep everybody safe in the process.

The equipment used by the team allows for accurate road marking whilst working as efficiently as possible. The team furthermore works hand in hand with the road contractors assigned to the job.

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