Road Marking – N6 Warrenton

On the N6 Warrenton, we had to complete a couple of different types of road marking projects.

All the road marking as seen in the image below was done by the Elegant Line Road Painters team.

Due to the road marking equipment used, we were able to paint the middle yellow line, and 2 outer white lines at the same time, all with the same machine. This has as an immediate effect that all the lines are 100% accurate and the spacing between the lines is always the same. It furthermore impacts the time required to paint the lines, hereby positively impacting the traffic flow on the N6.

Our equipment allows us to paint 3 lines at once, even with different colour paints.

Whilst the project is in progress, the team assures that the minimum amount of disruption is caused to traffic on the road, whilst keeping the entire team safe at all times.

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