William Nicol Interchange

Elegant Line Road Painters was asked to repaint the William Nicol and N1 interchange in Gauteng.

The new generation of cold – thermoplastic materials offer a really good value-proposition to the person/ entity in charge of maintaining a roadway. This technology offers a strong, durable, highly reflective, easy to apply (with the right kit ) and very fast drying times, meaning :-

  1. Repainting of road markings less often.
  2. Less time required for Roadpainters in the roadway.
  3. Less irritation for motorists.

The repainting of the William Nicol and N1 Interchange in Gauteng is a classic example of this work. The intersection has two off ramps, each with 3 lanes, two onramps each with 3 lanes and six lanes of crossing traffic on William Nicol. This entire intersection was repainted, under traffic, in one morning using cold thermoplastic paint. This was as specified by the SANRAL area representative, due to it’s fast drying capabilities and tough wearing strength.

This intersection has a huge amount of cross traffic going over the markings and is still in great shape 18 months later.

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