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When deciding on a contractor for your road painting requirements, it is important to look at their capabilities, previous projects completed as well as the equipment available.

At Elegant Line Road Painters, we know that every situation is unique and requires a different approach. Our overarching objective is always to deliver the highest quality work whilst causing the least amount of inconvenience to the motorists on the road.

Elegant-Line-Road-Painters---N17-ErmeloWe have therefore invested in the right equipment for every project. Equipment that can quickly apply the correct type and quantity of material in the prescribed manor.

Our 3 gun spraying machine, for instance, is great for jobs that require painting three lines in one pass at the same time, in rder to maintain the accuracy and alignment of the 3 lines, relative to each other. Our one large rig can even spray three lines simultaneously in two different colours. For instance a roadway that has a yellow centre line and two solid white lines on each side.

Elegant-Line---Handspray-BronkhorstspruitOther jobs might require hand spray because of the type of road marking that needs to be done.

The Elegant Line Road Painters team will always assess the project beforehand, to make sure the right equipment is used, to save time and money. We furthermore train all our staff on a regular basis to guarantee the client receives the best possible results.

Careful consideration should always be given about what your contractor’s capabilities are before just going for the cheapest price.

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PS: Here’s an example of what bad work looks like (not one of our projects):


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