Road Paint – FAQ

Road Paint – Frequently Asked Questions & Information

Elegant Line Road Painters answers all your questions regarding road paint. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the factors that affect the road paint?

  • Wrong application methods
  • Weather (sun shine or rain)
  • Type of surface (paving, tar or curing compounds)
  • Dirt (sand, soil or rubble)
  • Traffic volume (what drives over)
  • Moisture (especially in concrete floors and paving blocks)
  • Curing time of surfaces before we apply the paint (tar surfaces need to be left for at least two weeks before we can paint)
  • Loading on markings (Tyres that are breaking or turning as they drive over the marking)

What type of equipment is used when applying road paint?

The type of equipment is mainly affected by the kind of project we are working on.

  • Multiple gun spraying machines: Used for larger areas such as airport runways and national roads.
  • Single gun spray trucks: Used for smaller roadways and deviations.
  • Manual lettering and symbols: Used for areas where traffic signage is required. This is sprayed with hand held guns.

When is sandblasting required?

  • To prepare the road surface before applying the paint.
  • To remove existing road markings that are unwanted due to a design change.

What kind of people or organisations do we work with?

  • Home owners that represent body corporates in residential estates.
  • Property developers.
  • Civil engineers.
  • Architects for newly developed business or residential complexes.
  • Contracting companies that build and repair the roads.
  • Airports and airport maintenance companies.
  • Municipalities.
  • Maintenance and facilities managers.
  • Painting companies that need a specialist sub-contractor for this work.

If you are looking for a reliable, elegant solution to your road painting and associated needs, contact us now for a free assessment or quote.

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