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Safety on site is crucial in our industry. Keeping our staff and the public safe on construction sites is a lengthy process that must be implemented, monitored and measured with tangible and identifiable steps.


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Road Marking Safety on Site

One of the first steps we put in place, as innovators and leaders in the field of professional road marking, is a comprehensive training syllabus. This syllabus takes our workers through a step-by-step process of individual training Modules.

These modules include the correct use of personal protection equipment, behaviour on a work site and the understanding of traffic flow on roadways. It furthermore provides them with guidance on the use of correct warning signage, barriers, flags, cones, warning lamps and strobes.

Our safety training is conducted in-house by a certified safety officer, who is a back-up to the safety officer on site. Their role is to make sure all staff understand the safety precautions, and implement them correctly.


We purchase and keep in-stock only the very best safety equipment that is issued to our road marking teams. This equipment is signed for by the staff and allocated to each individual worker. It includes a full proof-of-issue list as well as inspection schedules.

Larger equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits are issued to the road painting team as a unit, for use with the vehicle and road marking machinery.

10+ Years Experience

Most of our Team Leaders have been professional road markers for over ten years (Some for over thirty!). Elegant Line Road Painters Staff therefore have a wealth of experience that is handed down to the rest of the teams. This knowledge and experience includes safety features such as staying safe on a working site under all circumstances.

Whether it is a building under construction, a car park, a new intersection or an upgrade to a roadway or runway, safety comes first!

Author: Andy Keil, Managing Director Elegant Line Road Painters


With 30+ years experience in the road marking industry, as well as highly trained staff and team leaders, no job is too big or small for us!

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